About Us

Collecting can become a consuming passion. It was certainly the case for the people behind The World is made of Glass Limited. The passion started in Seattle, Washington, USA, the home of some of the greatest modern glassblowers practicing their art today. Walking down Seattle’s First Avenue in the 1990s, and seeing the works in the gallery windows, put us in awe that such fluid, colourful forms could be produced from such simple raw materials. We still have a highly developed interest in modern glass and while the works of Dale Chihuly, Cappy Thomson and others are highly sort after and consequently expensive, there are large numbers of younger artists currently producing fine works that will one day rank with the best.

Our interest in modern glass led us to reading about the history of glass, and wonder at the works that were produced hundreds and indeed thousands of years ago. Roman glass is, of course, not uncommon and the Portland Vase is still rightly held up as being one of the greatest pieces of glass ever made.

Our interest in English and Irish Georgian glass resulted from handling some early balusters. The silky, almost oily, feel of the glass and the sturdy simplicity of form resulted in our collecting, and eventually trading in, 18th and early 19th century glass. We will try and build the web site up to be a portal for anything to do with collectible glass.

At heart we are collectors who supplement some of the expense we incur in collecting glass by trading in it. We understand the collector’s mindset and are determined to try and keep our customers happy. Like all commercial organisations, we are not perfect, and we can make mistakes in identifying and assessing pieces of glass. After all, most antique glass has no markings and it is a subjective appraisal in many cases. To make sure that you are never unhappy with our services, we offer a full refund within fourteen days of sale for any reason, provided that the glass is returned to us in exactly the same state in which it was shipped to you. We will even refund your postage if your reason for return is that we made a mistake in describing the glass. It is important to us that you are happy with any transaction you carry out with us.

Feel free to correspond with us. If we can help then we will. If you think we can improve our service, have a question regarding glass that you think we might be able to assist you in answering, or just want to share pictures of a piece of beautiful or interesting glass that you own, we would love to hear from you.